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Improve Your Smile by Removing the Risks

added on: January 26, 2017

A great smile is only as good as the effort put in to maintain it. If you constantly take risks that put your smile in harm’s way, the likelihood that harm will eventually find you increases dramatically. Our team wants your smile to remain safe so it can remain effective.

Improve your smile by removing the risks that seek to destroy it. Here are some common risks you may face that can damage your teeth and gums:

– Never attempt to open possessions with your teeth. This is an easy way to give yourself an oral injury and damage your teeth.
– Bruxism, which is an abnormal disorder where you unconsciously grind your teeth, can slowly wear down your teeth over time. Our dentist can offer treatment plans for bruxism.
– Biting on your nails could potentially chip or crack your teeth, not to mention the additional risk of all sorts of bad bacteria and germs being introduced to your mouth.
– Tongue piercings may seem fashionable and cool for many but a single wrong move could spell ruin for your lips, teeth, and gums. Metal slices can break loose and become choking risks or chip and crack your teeth.
– If you train in any sports or extreme stunts, always make sure to wear a mouth guard or facemask to protect your mouth. A single rattle to the head can easily knock out multiple teeth or fracture your jaw.

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