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The teeth in the front of your mouth give your smile it’s appealing expression as well as helps you bite into the foods you eat. If you’ve lost one of these teeth to untreated cavities, extraction or avulsion, it can affect your life in a variety of ways.

Beyond simply marring the appearance of your smile, it can limit your food choices and even cause you to slur your speech. At the same time, each tooth in your mouth is held in position by the structure and presence of the neighboring tooth. The void in your smile can gradually draw the surrounding teeth out of alignment. These orthodontic complications can cause chips on the corresponding teeth in your bite.

To prevent these complications and restore the appearance and function of your mouth, Dr. Chet B. Hawkins might recommend a dental implant in Boerne, Texas. This is a two-part process involving a titanium dental abutment being inserted into the underlying bone structure. Later, it will be fitted with a porcelain dental crown that replicates the tooth enamel layer of the original tooth.

Since porcelain can be perfectly shaded to match the neighboring teeth, it will appear and function just as the original tooth did.

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