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Professional Dental Bleaching Treatments Are the Safest Method for Removing Stains from Your Teeth

added on: March 14, 2017

Here at [practice_name], Dr. [doctor_name] understands just how much a stained smile can affect your self-esteem. Once surface stains manage to penetrate deep into your tooth enamel, they can be nearly impossible to remove with the consumer-grade whitening products sold on store shelves.

To fully whiten a smile suffering from significant stains, you will need Dr. [doctor_name] to professionally bleach your teeth. The potent whitening agents, tools, and techniques [heshe] uses can eradicate stains from deep within tooth enamel.

Before administering the dental bleach, your dentist will apply a special protective gel or a rubber dam to your gums to protect them from the powerful bleaching agents. Your dentist will then pour a small amount of the concentrated bleaching agent into a tray that is held in your mouth.

Once the trays have been removed, your dentist might also use a special ultraviolet light to address any minor trouble spots.

If you live in the [city], [state], area and you are struggling with a stained smile, you should call [phone] to have your teeth professionally bleached at our dental office.

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