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Due to the severity of oral and throat cancer, it is important to always make sure you are receiving effective screenings routinely from your dentist to check for any instances of the disease. Every single year in America over 42,000 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed. To ensure oral cancer is found quickly enough, you should always be aware of the signs and symptoms of its presence.

On a daily basis, you should check your mouth for any signs and symptoms of physical trauma that may be related to oral or throat cancer, including a swelling or thickening of your gums, lumps, bumps, or rough patches, white, red, or speckled patches, and unexpected bleeding. Also, take note of sores that regularly return and do not heal within two weeks. If any of these circumstances exist, visit your dentist for an oral cancer screening.

Normal signs and symptoms of oral cancers can vary greatly among individuals. However, there are certain warnings that it may be present. If you experience any pains related to ear pain, sore throat, or throat soreness, oral cancer may be present. Other indications to be on the lookout for include difficulties chewing or swallowing foods, speaking, or moving your jaw and tongue. Furthermore, rotation issues, a heightened sense of tooth sensitivity, and jaw pain can arise when oral cancer is present.

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