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Dental crowns can provide the needed repairs for damaged teeth. A dental crown is a dental restoration that can prevent a tooth from needing to be extracted by protecting it from additional damage. Placing the dental crown directly over the affected tooth will conceal it completely, thereby improving the appearance of a discolored or damaged tooth since the crown can be seamlessly blended with your smile through its custom color and design.

Receiving a dental crown may be the most ideal way to treat a damaged tooth because it can enhance the structure.

Even if your tooth damage is the result of a lifetime of wear, a dental crown may be able to repair a split tooth. Other conditions that can benefit from a dental crown are a fractured, broken, or decayed tooth. Even if a tooth has been cracked or broken in pieces, a dental crown may be able to hold the entire structure together, thereby saving the tooth.

Your dental crown can also enhance many other dental procedures, including large dental fillings, dental implants, and root canal treatment. If the tooth damage has become too severe to receive proper treatment from other services, a dental crown may be the best option.

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