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Jaw and facial pain are common conditions that arise due to numerous risk factors. Although your pain may be caused by something as simple as medications you’re taking, it could even be linked to previous dental damage or an underlying condition that you may not have accounted for. If you are suffering from the jaw and facial pain, visit your dentist for the necessary treatment plan.

Keep your smile safe and closely monitor all issues associated with jaw and facial pain. This is because jaw and facial pain is often an early indicator that something is wrong with your mouth or areas close to it. If you have any sinus problems, toothaches, infections, arthritis, or have suffered an oral accident or injury, you may be at a heightened risk for jaw and facial pain. Furthermore, conditions within your body such as bruxism, which refers to tooth grinding, as well as gum disease or issues associated with your temporomandibular joints, can all contribute to the jaw and facial pain.

Fortunately, jaw and facial pain can be treated. Visit your dentist and let them know of any symptoms you are having. You may be in need of a mouth protector or other treatments to help alleviate the issues associated with it. This can include exercises, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, or muscle relaxants. In some extreme situations, jaw and facial pain may require extensive procedures to help root out the underlying conditions, including root canal therapies, tooth extractions, or even periodontal treatments.

Make sure to take diligent care of your jaw and facial pain, so that your smile can last for ages. For more information about jaw and facial pain or to schedule a comprehensive oral examination with Dr. Chet B. Hawkins and our team at Chet B. Hawkins DDS Inc, give us a call at 830-443-4352. Our dentist office is suitably located in Boerne, Texas.