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In several instances, a person may begin to suffer from dental anxiety or other issues from visiting their dental office. Oftentimes, this is linked to fear of pain or any other issues associated with a lack of proper sedation. However, an entire field of dentistry known as sedation dentistry exists to ensure that any oral health care procedures you need will be done safely and effectively with any issues associated with pain minimized. Sedation dentistry comes in several different forms to ensure that the level of sedation you need will be possible.

One of the most common forms of sedation that can be used to help provide care and relaxation at your dental office is through gas sedation. Due to the combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide, a gas known as Laughing Gas can be administered via a mask over your nose and mouth to help calm and relax you. It is a minor form of sedation that can wear off rather quickly.

For a deeper level sedation, oral injections via pills or injections can be used. However, if you require sedation through a pill, it can take up to an hour before it fully kicks in. For a faster-acting treatment, injections such as intravenous sedations directly into your veins have proven to be extremely fast-acting and effective. Will pill sedation and injections, doses can be adjusted accordingly for your sedation needs.

The deepest levels of sedation are known as deep sedations with general anesthesia. With anesthesia, you can be put into a state of unconsciousness. Deep sedation is beneficial for complex and lengthy procedures because you will not awake from this unconsciousness unless reverse medications are used, or the effects of the anesthesia eventually wear off.

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