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Composite Bonding - Houston

In spite of their beauty and versatility, porcelain veneers aren’t the solution for everyone or every situation. Sometimes teeth just need a little love or on-the-spot mending and repair. That’s when cosmetic composite bonding comes into play. Composite bonding can do all kinds of transformative things for your smile like:

  • Repair minor chips and cracks
  • Cover sensitive and unattractive root exposure
  • Disguise intrinsic stains
  • Smooth jagged or uneven teeth
  • Reshape malformed or damaged teeth when a crown is not necessary
  • Smooth away irritating roughness
  • Fill cavities so beautifully no one will ever notice
  • And more!

While composite bonding may not be quite as strong or stain resistant as porcelain restorations, it can be applied in one visit. No impressions, temporaries, or return visits needed. And because Dr. Hawkins has such an artistic eye, you can be sure that your cosmetic bonding will be as gorgeous and natural looking as possible. Together, you and Dr. Hawkins will plan exactly how your smile should look, taking into consideration both your aesthetic and functional needs. Once planning is complete, Dr. Hawkins will custom shade the bonding material, place it directly to your tooth, then sculpt and polish it to perfection.