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Full-Mouth Restorations

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It just seems that no matter how many times you visit the dentist, something is always failing in your mouth. First, you need a large filling replaced, then a crown, then a root canal, then an extraction. When will it ever end? And to top off all the discomfort and endless visits to the dentist, you think you have a gum infection and your teeth look terrible. You feel as if you never want to smile again.

What can you do? Talk to Dr. Chet Hawkins about the smile-transforming benefits of a full-mouth restoration. Some people call them smile makeovers, but we like calling them restorations because this procedure not only revolutionizes your appearance, it also revitalizes your oral health from the ground up! Actually, full-mouth restorations aren’t just one treatment, but a customized schedule of treatments designed to get every aspect of your smile in top shape.

We start by addressing health concerns to ensure that your oral health is stable. This creates a proper base for long-lasting restorations and cosmetic work. It’s true! We believe in getting the job done correctly the first time so you don’t have to keep worrying or coming back for repairs. All full-mouth restorations begin with an in-depth exam and consultation, during which we will take plenty of time to review all issues, listen to your concerns and desires, and answer all of your questions. Once you feel secure about what you want and need, we will co-create your treatment plan.

Depending on your health and beauty needs, your plan might include:

Isn’t it time you stopped spending all your time in the dental chair and started showing off your smile? Find lasting health and beauty with a full-mouth restoration from Dr. Chet Hawkins.