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Injectables - Houston

Now that your smile is looking just the way you want it to, you might suddenly notice some others flaws: that furrow between your brows from frowning instead of laughing… the tiny wrinkles around your eyes… the marionette lines that suddenly look so out of place beside your youthful smile. You wish you could get a little Botox, but who has time to look for a plastic surgeon, schedule a consultation, and wait for an appointment. And forget about all the driving!

Because we love offering extra convenience and quality to our Houston patients’ lives, Dr. Chet Hawkins now offers Botox injectables, for both facial cosmetics and TMJ disorder relief right here in the dental office you know and trust. Botox is a safe and proven way to relax the muscles that can deepen wrinkles and create certain kinds of sagging as well as stopping muscle spasms from issues like clenching and grinding or bite imbalances. If you have chronic pain from TMJ disorder or you want to further improve your appearance after—or as an adjunct to—cosmetic dentistry, please give us a call. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.