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Minimal Prep Veneers - Houston

Wish you could have a more perfect smile but worried about the commitment of full veneers? Minimal-prep veneers are a lot like our classic dental veneers—only thinner! That means that they require almost no preparation of your natural tooth before application and make a perfect choice for younger patients who need cosmetic corrections or those with less severe damage. Dr. Chet Hawkins has chosen to offer his Houston patients Emax veneers for their beauty, durability, and incredibly natural appearance.

Because each Emax veneer is made of lithium disilicate glass ceramic, (a long and complicated name for such a gorgeous material) they are incredibly durable while also providing the translucency and texture of natural tooth structure. In addition, Emax minimal-prep veneers are easier on your gum health, let you spend less time in the chair, and accommodate future restorations. Of course, your Emax veneers are always created just for you to achieve exactly the look you desire. We use Emax veneers to lengthen short teeth, repair cracks and chips, cover severe staining or discoloration… well, you get the picture! Emax veneers can do virtually anything classic veneers can do to help you achieve your ideal smile.