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Porcelain Veneers - Houston

Are your teeth worn down, gapped, broken, discolored, uneven, or just not a size and shape that suits your face? Porcelain veneers can take care of it all. These cosmetic wonders really are amazing: Tiny slices of pure porcelain, dental veneers can completely transform almost any smile by creating a brand new surface for your teeth. And because Dr. Hawkins has spent so much time in the dental lab, he is uniquely qualified not only to design incredibly life-like porcelain dental veneers, he is also able to judge the technical as well as aesthetic aspects of all restorations created by him. What exactly does that mean for your outcome? Total precision, meticulous fit, and unparalleled beauty—that lasts and lasts.

Our classic porcelain veneers are perfect for those who want to count on a stronger and more permanent solution to their cosmetic issues. Because of the strength of this veneer, some tooth preparation is required to keep your smile profile natural and comfortable. We simply remove some of your own, flawed enamel; take impressions of your prepared teeth; and place temporary, try-on veneers to make sure you are going to be absolutely satisfied with your final smile. Once your permanent veneers are fabricated, we will bring you back in for final fitting and placement. You’ll leave with a brand-new, stain-resistant smile that looks and feels the way you always dreamed it would.