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Teeth Whitening - Houston

Do you have naturally gleaming, bright teeth? Most people don’t. Almost everything we eat or drink, everything your enamel is exposed to, even the medications or supplements you take can change the brightness of your teeth. Darkening and staining not only diminishes the power and visibility of your smile, it can also emphasize other imperfections, drawing attention to irregularities you may not ever have noticed before.

Teeth whitening is the simplest, fastest way to improve the appearance of your smile and bring back that gleam you thought you had lost forever. Dr. Hawkins has chosen to offer both Boost and Opalescence whitening gels to customize your whitening experience. All you need is one visit and about an hour; why not stop in over your lunch hour or take a pause from the hustle and bustle of Houston on your way home? Put on headphones, lean back, and let the years disappear. It is the perfect way to prepare for a special occasion like a graduation, wedding, or vacation, or just as a pick-me-up because you deserve it!