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Tooth Recontouring - Houston

It happens: a tooth edge gets chipped, teeth overlap a little, or your canines suddenly seem way too prominent in your smile. Don’t worry! If minor imperfections or tooth unevenness are giving you fits and keeping you from smiling, tooth contouring from The Bay Area’s own master dentist, Dr. Chet Hawkins, can quickly and conveniently get you feeling great. Tooth recontouring can:

  • Smooth away chips that irritate cheeks and tongue
  • Reduce the length of prominent teeth
  • Bring harmony to an uneven smile
  • Refine irregularities and minor overlaps
  • Minimize the appearance of bumps or pits in teeth

Also known as odontoplasty, enameloplasty, or slenderizing, tooth recontouring involves the gentle reshaping and buffing of your own natural enamel to create a smoother, more beautiful, more functional smile. Cosmetic dental contouring can be completed in one easy visit and usually requires no anesthesia. This procedure can also be combined with other cosmetic measures such as veneers, bonding, or crowns to reach your ideal result. Tooth recontouring is only optimal for those with minor cosmetic issues and strong teeth. If your teeth are thin or weak, talk to us about your options. We are here to help you get the smile you deserve!