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Comprehensive Exams

Among some of the most important and effective tools we have in preventive dentistry, comprehensive exams lead the way. Comprehensive exams are the first thing you experience as a new patient to our office and continue to be essential to keeping up the progress of your oral wellbeing. The first-visit exam can be a bit lengthy, but patients love that we don’t skimp on time, but carefully screen all parts of your mouth, head, neck, and jaw, including:

  • Measuring your gum pockets and examining for infection
  • Carefully inspecting all oral tissue including your lips gums, tongue, uvula  and other internal mouth surfaces for any abnormalities
  • Checking for the first signs of new cavities or any enamel erosion or damage
  • Scanning for weaknesses in existing restorations such as crowns or fillings
  • Looking for signs of gum or bone recession
  • inspecting for tooth deterioration due to bruxism, an imbalanced bite, or TMJ disorder
  • Taking digital x-rays to see any signs of underlying problems that are invisible to the eye
  • Performing a visual and manual exam of your lymph nodes
  • Looking for signs of physical illness such as diabetes, leukemia, blood-pressure issues, oral cancer, cardiovascular problems, immune-system abnormalities, or sinus problems

We also use intraoral cameras to let you and the doctor take a real-time, close-up look at your teeth and mouth. In the end, we will have a complete baseline to which we can compare future screening and exams, know exactly what to fix or be on the lookout for, and have all the resources necessary to educate you on your own oral health.