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Dental Digital X-rays

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When did you have your last dental x-rays done? Did you have to wait for them to be developed and look at the dim, bluish films on a lighted board? Kind of confusing and hard to decipher, right? That’s just not going to happen in Dr. Hawkins’ office. Because we care about our patients’ health, we have been using digital x-rays since 2011. Why choose digital over traditional x-rays? Lots of reasons! Not only do digital x-rays offer clearer, brighter images, helping us see and diagnose developing issues with greater accuracy than ever before, they also expose you and your family to up to 90% less radiation! And because of their digital format, our x-rays can be seen immediately with no waiting for film development, stored directly on our exam-room computers, and viewed along with the doctor on our chairside monitors. It is a great way to see exactly what is going on under your enamel, around your gums, and even view the most subtle signs of bone loss. Digital x-rays are just another way we make sure our patients are comfortable, safe, and well informed.