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Dental Hygiene - Houston

We know you do your best: you brush and floss each day, choose high-quality fluoride pastes and mouthwashes, as well as rinsing after meals. That’s great, but it just isn’t enough to keep your teeth and gums completely free of plaque and tartar buildup. That’s where professional cleanings from the outstanding hygienist at Dr. Chet Hawkins’ office steps in. Professional hygiene visits offer a matchless opportunity to screen you for the first signs of any trouble, as well as gently and efficiently clearing away all the sticky bacterial buildup that hides under your gum line, between your teeth, and in nooks and crannies you can’t reach well by yourself. And to keep cleanings painless and effective, we utilize ultrasonic scalers like the Cavitron to blast away even the most stubborn tartar with gentle sound waves. That’s right! No more scraping and scrubbing – the Cavitron vibrates your teeth clean!