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We love technology. Can you tell? Not only does it make life easier for our staff, but it also allows us to be much more efficient and effective for our patients. One of the favorite tech tools around here is the intraoral camera. Everyone loves this device: Small as a pen, our intraoral camera offers a world of information and education. Because this tiny camera really lets us get inside your mouth, we can show you exactly what is going on in there, even in the darkest recesses and most hidden nooks and crannies. Kids love that they can explore and learn about their teeth, adults love learning about their oral health in such a detailed way and seeing their completed restorations up close and personal, and our team loves being able to see details and find tiny issues we might never see with the naked eye. What’s more, all of your images are stored on our office computers so we can compare what’s happening from visit to visit. It’s just another way Dr. Chet Hawkins invests in you and your smile.