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Dental Crowns - Houston

Dr. Chet Hawkins and his team are here to help you get through any major dental disaster, and our custom-made dental crowns offer a great solution for all kinds of major problems such as:

  • Supporting and protecting a large filling
  • Creating a new tooth surface for an extra damaged, fractured, or weakened tooth
  • Offering structure and a new chewing surface when little or none of your own structure remains
  • Rebuilding and balancing a worn-down smile
  • Reconstructing a misshapen tooth
  • For beautifying and perfecting any tooth

In these cases, your crown will be custom made to fit perfectly over your tooth and look invisible at the gum line.

Crowns can also be created to act as a prosthetic tooth and anchor a bridge as well as becoming the replacement tooth in a dental implant system.

While crowns have traditionally been fabricated from gold or porcelain-fused-to-metal, we usually like to use metal-free, pure-porcelain crowns because of their strength and beauty, but we always take your lifestyle, your needs, and your desires into consideration during planning.