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Endodontics - Houston

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the inside of your tooth, especially when it becomes infected or inflamed. While you may not have ever heard of endodontics, you have probably heard of root canals––who hasn’t? And while just the mention of a root canal can raise the hair on some people’s arms, our patients have a different perspective. You see, we offer endodontic treatment for good reason––to stop your pain and save your tooth. Patients love it because the endodontic infection can be excruciating! We only perform root canals when a dentition is so compromised or pain is so great, the tooth is in danger of needing to be removed.  

It really is a no-brainer: Inside your teeth is a network of tissue, nerves, and blood vessels that helped your teeth grow and mature. Once teeth stop growing, this pulp doesn’t perform a function and can be prone to infection if exposed to bacteria. If infection occurs, a root canal lets Dr. Hawkins remove the pulp all the way into your roots, disinfect the inside of your tooth, fill it with a stabilizing and strengthening material, and seal your tooth with a beautiful crown. This crown is to keep the tooth secure and prevent any additional infection or damage after your root canal. You keep your own tooth and your pain stops!