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What could possibly be going on? You have a toothache for the third day in a row, you could just scream whenever you bite into something cold or sweet, and you just noticed a dark spot on your tooth that has been bothering you. Could it really be a cavity?

We may think of cavities as being something that happens to molars, especially during childhood, and reparable only with dark metal tooth fillings. The truth is, teeth get cavities (areas of decay) for all kinds of reasons and in all kinds of ways. Because we have heard the word so often and associate it with one type of thing, we may not have noticed that the definition is right there in the name—cavity. A cavity is simply a pit or hole in your tooth’s enamel caused by acids. These acids are generally produced by bacterial buildup. This buildup, called plaque or tartar, can be caused by a variety of things such as dry mouth, medications, deep dental grooves, crowded teeth, improper hygiene, an imbalanced diet, and many other things.

Fortunately, no matter where your cavity is, if we find it early enough before decay has taken over your tooth, we can repair it quickly and easily with our customized fillings. Because we care about your health and appearance, we generally use tooth-colored, composite dental fillings to make the repair. You’ll leave feeling relieved of pain and feeling proud of your smile.