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Dental Implants - Houston

  • You were just told you need your teeth removed because of damage, infection, or dysfunction.
  • You have had dentures for a few years but you can’t stand the way they slip and pinch and constantly need another gob of adhesive applied.
  • You were in an accident and lost a tooth.
  • You just want to be able to smile with confidence, eat your favorite foods, and talk without sounding strange even to yourself.

What can you do? Is there an option that can just give you your life back? Yes! And we call these life- and smile-savers dental implants.

Dental implants are different from all other tooth replacement options in that they don’t just replace the part of your dentition that shows, they replace all of it—even the roots! This is a very important aspect of these amazing tooth replacements because your roots are an essential element of both your smile and your facial structure. Without roots, the bone under your lost tooth or teeth begins a process called resorption, which is basically shrinkage. Bone shrinks when it is not stimulated—in your smile this means ever-loosening dentures, inward-turning lips, facial collapse, and pain from TMJ disorder. Tooth implants put an end to all that.

Because the titanium posts are directly implanted into your jaw bone, they act just like your roots did, activating the bone and keeping it healthy. Once the posts have healed in place, beautiful replacement teeth are affixed to them for incomparable comfort and function—no plastic to cover the roof of your mouth, no gooey adhesives, and no reason to avoid your favorite foods. Implants can replace anything from one tooth with an implant post and crown to all of your teeth with implant-retained dentures. Talk to us about the benefits of dental implants today. Your smile will thank you!