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About Our Dental Care

Making History––One Houston Smile at a Time

Houston is a big community with a big heart and a ready smile. It’s one reason so many people are moving to the area!

It’s also why Dr. Chet Hawkins and his staff have made it their mission to personify the spirit of Clear Lake with laughter, style, warmth, and the highest-quality care available in modern dentistry. Our team loves coming to work every day, and it shows––patients rave about our friendly atmosphere, our outstanding customer service, and our dedication to excellence.

Small-Town Personality. High-Tech Dentistry.

We know there are lots of dentists to choose from––they are everywhere you look in this metropolis––so we have worked hard to offer something a little different, a little more personal, with small-town comforts and personality packed into a high-tech, boutique dental studio. Our practice has been a family establishment since Dr. Chet’s father, Dr. Darrell Hawkins, started it in 1964. Dr. Darrell Hawkins was proud to be the first dentist in the Clear Lake area! His devotion to providing his patients with exceptional care and a personalized approach has been carried on by his son, Dr. Chet, and his team.

Paying Attention to the Details

We understand the tastes of our fellow Houstonians. We like special treats and pampering amenities too! It’s why we have tailored our environment to be soothing, our procedures to be painless, and our techniques to be meticulous.

But the special treatment doesn’t end there:

  • Come a little early and help yourself to a cup of coffee or tea and relax with one of our premier magazines
  • Chat with anyone on our team and never be afraid to ask questions
  • Relax knowing that you will always be treated gently and with compassion
  • Snuggle under a cozy blanket and rest on a neck pillow during any procedure

Individualized Care

We really do go out of our way to earn our patients’ loyalty and love, something you can’t do in a clinical environment or a place that doesn’t treat patients like the special people they are.

It started with Dr. Hawkins’ father––whose footsteps we follow in with pride––and his desire to create someplace special for his community, and continues every time a patient comes through our door.

A Team You Can Trust

Our atmosphere is relaxing. Our facility is clean and comfortable. We treat you like family. Your dental visits are enjoyable. We have a history in our community. But does any of that matter if you aren’t sure about the qualifications of your dental team?

Don’t worry! Dr. Chet Hawkins is one of the most educated dentists in Houston. In fact, he is one of only 2,300 dentists worldwide who has achieved an MAGD, Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry, an accomplishment that requires:

  • Completion of over 1,100 credit hours of continuing education
  • 400 credits in hands-on courses
  • Passing an exam equal in difficulty to board certification exams

And because Dr. Hawkins places so much value on education and passion for learning, he has hand-picked his team for their training as well as their excitement about staying up-to-date on all the latest techniques and developments in smile care.

It’s a tradition of excellence passed from generation to generation and enjoyed by our patients for over 50 years!