Without Treatment Gingivitis Could Worsen

Periodontal disease is initially starts out as the gum inflammation of gingivitis. This is often the result of poor oral hygiene habits that contribute to hardened tartar building up on your teeth at the gumline. To help prevent this from happening the American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice each day as well as… Read more »

What Kinds of Teeth Do We Have?

  If the body is like a well-oiled machine, then the mouth is an excessively fine gear with plenty of teeth. (Pun intended.) Each of your pearly whites plays a role in helping you consume food in the most straightforward, effective ways possible, and that’s truly a wonder. There are four forms of pearly whites:… Read more »

Anesthesia: The Way to a More Comfortable Appointment

If you ever feel nervous about dental appointments, especially because you’re afraid of the pain you might feel, our dentist, Dr. Chet B. Hawkins, has some good news for you. Our dental team does absolutely everything we can to make sure you have the best dental appointment possible. One of the ways we do this… Read more »

Do You Have Questions About Oral Hygiene? Here Are Your Answers

Oral hygiene is vital for your oral health. It’s even more helpful if you know everything about it because it can help you accurately care for your teeth and gums. So, if you have questions regarding oral hygiene, it’s time to find the answers! Our dentist, Dr. Chet B. Hawkins, and dental team have some… Read more »

Fascinating Facts About the History of Dentistry

We at Chet B. Hawkins DDS Inc adore dentistry. We’ve dedicated our careers to it because we are in love with your smile. For thousands of years, humans like us have worked to develop better ways to care for teeth. Want to know some fascinating facts on the history of dentistry? Here they are: -The… Read more »

The Evolution of Toothpaste

Did you know that we humans have been cleaning our teeth for thousands of years? Over time, our ability to care for our teeth have improved, thanks to some amazing inventions. Centrifugal to these inventions is toothpaste. The following is a taste of the evolution of toothpaste throughout time: ~3000-5000 B.C.: Egyptians rub a teeth-cleaning… Read more »

A Previous Dental Trauma Can Lead to Toothache Pain

Suffering a blow to the face from a household accident or a sports injury can easily traumatize the soft tissues in your mouth. Sometimes it can cause harm to a tooth that goes unnoticed at first. When this happens the pain may fade away only to return a few days later. This is often a… Read more »

Tips for Understanding Sedation Dentistry

Do the words dental anxiety apply to you when you visit your dentist? As with many individuals, having your teeth worked on can be somewhat daunting for some, which is why there are so many thriving types of sedatives used in dentistry to give you the sensations and stress-free visit you desire. Here are some… Read more »

Staying Calm Can Help You Safely Remove Something Stuck Between Your Teeth

It’s relatively common for a small piece of food to get stuck between two of your teeth. In most cases, this causes little distress and you can rinse it away with your beverage or remove it with a little wiggle of the tongue. Yet there are other times when a fruit peel, large meat fiber,… Read more »

Don’t Forget Your Regular Oral Cancer Screenings

One of the most effective treatments for oral cancer begins at the first stage, the screening. Spotting oral cancer is often the key to recovery so make sure you always attend regularly scheduled oral cancer screenings to ensure your health remains at its peak and cancer free. However, if you notice any of the following… Read more »